The mission of the PAX et BELLUM Journal is to provide a platform for young researchers to contribute to interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict discourse. The aim is to provide student perspectives on a wide-ranging scope of topics related to the field. It is also an opportunity for a diverse set of students – undergraduates and graduates from fields relating to the topic of peace and conflict studies – to come together and work as a team at the Editorial Board. We believe that the cooperation between the students is fruitful for professional, academic and personal growth.

We believe that it is a unique experience to benefit from peer-review and publication in an academic journal as a student. The Pax et Bellum Journal is available online, printed, and even distributed to places such as the Royal Archives of Stockholm University, and it can be found in the Peace Research Institute in Oslo.

The Pax et Bellum Views is an initiative of the Editorial Board of the Pax et Bellum Journal. It consists of a group of students from the Master Program from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University that felt the need to create a platform to share their views and ideas on the field of Peace and Conflict Studies outside the academic structure of the Journal. The blog was created with the goal to stimulate broader discussion about Peace and Conflict Studies and the related fields through regular publication of short analysis produced by the students, with the aim to reach a broader public interested in Peace and Conflict, and to instigate their interest in different related areas through an innovative and creative way. The team of the Pax et Bellum Views Blog is available to its readers for comments, questions and suggestions through this blog or the email journal@paxetbellum.org.